Got Spark!? Our Fire is Growing ~ Could You Be a Campsite Correspondent?

Do you feel you can add your unique spark to our fire? We sure hope so!

We are thrilled to announce that we finally have our Campsite Correspondent Program up and going – for the most part! With anything – there will be some kinks to iron out and it will officially be properly showcased when the NEW WEBSITE IS UP AND RUNNING!!! YEP!

We are going around this glorious globe looking for your smoke signals and subsequently Campsite Correspondents! We have some locations covered, i.e., Alberta, and that does not mean we are limiting that area, however we are looking to cover more latitude and longitude – more exploration, more expeditions, more adventures, more kumbiya. The search for creative, inspiring, bold people with a story to share is on!

Have interesting journeys? Love the great outdoors? Tips? Gear reviews? Travel funnies or location recommendations? Photos & videos? We are looking for your rad pics, stories of inspiration, adventures posts worthy of glory, camping hacks, dreams of wanderlust…..get the drift!?

We want this to be a fun and engaging project, mutually beneficial, with a few expectations. We are seeking the outgoing, the unexpected, the fun, and most of all the AUTHENTIC. Here’s the Nitty Gritty and what we expect from you:

  • We will need a fab, fun bio and a recent equally fab, fun photo so we can showcase your glorious mug on the Campsite Blog’s Correspondent page.
  • You will send in once a month web content and any corresponding media files of your adventures for edited blog posts to the Campsite, that will be included in our various social media channels. Your unique bio will be added to each post so proper credit is provided. We are hoping to have a very fun way of doing this – fingers crossed!
  • You will LIKE, SHARE, RETWEET, REPOST, etc and generally promote the Campsite through your personal social media circles and by following along on our social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Periscope, Pinterest, Stellar, Google +, Tumbler, You Tube, etc – all may not apply to each correspondent’s style, however, follow where applicable.
  • Use our designated hashtags, participate in giveaways and promotions where and when applicable.
  • From time to time you will be sent gear and product to test and review. You will be responsible for photographing and posting reviews on any and all gear you receive. We will endeavour to do our best to distribute gear for reviews based on interest, demographics, geography, availability of the product in your location and cost. We want to try and be generous to all. Timelines and a guideline to review will be outlined in advance. {Of course, you get to keep whatever gear / product you review! Sa-weet!}

And our end of the deal {with potential upgrades & modifications as the fire grows}:

  • We will like, share, endorse, mention you and your blog / website, social media channels – basically show you mutual love and share in your successes {& support in those less than desirable times too!}
  • We will send out monthly themes & ideas to you. While you are not obligated to always follow the themes, we thought these monthly themes would encourage some inspiration.
  • Any other cross marketing opportunities we can spread around – we will! Blog, Instagram, Twitter take overs, etc – all of these are potentials for cross promotion.
  • Gear, freebies and possible adventure / travel opportunities / entrance tickets to events and whatever rolls our way as far as opportunities go.
  • Once a month video Skype meet ups – we want to get to know you and share.
    Shared access to a Google Campsite Calendar and note system.

Know someone who you think would be perfect? Feel free to share this with them!

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