Meet Jen and Alannah, New Owners of The Campsite

It really is a happy start for us this early in 2015 as we prepare to embark on a new journey – this adventure called The Campsite. Are we excited? You bet! Are we nervous? Absolutely! That being said WE ARE READY to kumbaya!

When Meghan asked us to write an introductory piece about ourselves, we must admit we found writing about ourselves to be a challenge. It is one thing to meet people in person and say “hello”, chat a bit, learn a thing or two and create what you would hope to be a lasting impression, but as this intro is a bit one-sided we hope to endear you through words and photos. Consider this piece the equivalent of our hands extended to you ready for a solid handshake, a friendly smile and a happy hello.

We are Jen Whalen and Alannah Jensen.

We vow to slide into the grave worn out, beat up and grinning ear-to-ear. We both have this motto and this is why we are great friends.… Read More