Beyond the Campsite


So here we are several years later and so much has changed. After much soul searching, debate, hugs and tears, we have decided to end our journey with the Campsite and move beyond it.


As we close the doors on this chapter of our ridiculously busy lives, we wanted to extend a warm and fuzzy thank you to all who have joined us around our virtual campfire. We have grown immensely because of this journey and so many discoveries as well as new friendships around the world have helped to shape our new paths.


We appreciate all the love and support you have shown and it hasn’t gone unnoticed that’s for sure! It has been such an honour to be considered one of the top outdoor blogs out there during our years with you! It is not easy to shift our gears that’s for sure!


Time is certainly precious and let’s face it, we are so much better at actually getting outside and playing in nature than we are behind the computer! Turns out neither one of us much cares for social media and the demands of being an influencer either! Somewhere along the way, we both discovered other passions that fuel our fires and we wish to pursue full steam ahead!


As for “us” – Jen and Alannah – our friendship has never been stronger and continues to glow. The bond created between us on this journey together is sure to follow us as we grow into little old women! The idea of being 85 years old, sipping our whiskey and gin, skinny dipping and rereading our blog is almost too much to handle! So much fun we had and so much more fun for us to come!


If you wish to stay in touch with us – we certainly embrace that and very much hope that you do!

Alannah –

Jen –


If you find yourself in our neck of the woods of Alberta, Canada or see that we are near you – PLEASE you better let us know!




Jen and Alannah – The Campsite Gals