After the Hunt ~ DIY Elk Jerky Recipe


I am part of a hunting family.   There I said it. It is one of those things difficult to “just put out there” in a public forum sometimes. It is a risk, yet… Continue reading

Stoke the Fire 1.8


Let’s go! Us newbie owners here at the Campsite Blog feel it is time for us to Stoke the Fire! This is our first one alone, out here in the dark, under the glorious… Continue reading

Backcountry Desserts a la Lake O’Hara


Disclaimer – Since I always feel that food creates stories, I have written a piece that eventually gets to the recipes. If you would prefer to skip the story – the recipes are… Continue reading

Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show – part 1 {the giveaway}


So this is happening! The Campsite Blog is over the moon excited to be checking out the latest in products, ideas and services at The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show being held March 21 and 22,… Continue reading

The Mountainous Word – “Change”


When I found out that Jen and Alannah were the new owners of The Campsite Blog, I cannot begin to express how excited I was for them!  Knowing both of these beautifully adventurous and… Continue reading

A Few Things to Ponder {trail mix}


Hello hello! We thought we would provide a wee update on our “taking the reigns” of the Campsite. 1. We are updating our media kit with some fun and innovative ways to work with partnerships.  We… Continue reading

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