{This will be one of the most important, poignant and soulful posts I will ever write and it may make no sense at all, yet perfect sense all the same. I write through… Continue reading

Campsite Correspondent Jaclyn Thomey


We’re pumped to bring another Alberta girl ’round our fire!  Ok, she was an Alberta girl…she now resides on Vancouver Island.  After just returning from that piece of paradise, we cannot judge her… Continue reading

Campsite Correspondent Joanne Fralick


Meet another Canadian Correspondent, Joanne Fralick. We can’t wait to see how your Travel Trailer turns out!  Alannah, stay close for ideas! Here’s a bit about Joanne: I am a journalist/author/blogger who has… Continue reading

Campsite Correspondent Lynn Baumgartner


Oh Lynn, we love your travelling ways.  Take us to Indonesia please!! Please join us in welcoming Lynn ’round the fire.  We look forward to the adventures ahead! Hello! My name is Lynn,… Continue reading

Campsite Correspondent Shannon Gibbs


We’re excited to introduce another Canadian Correspondent.  Shannon lives the next province over, in beautiful BC. We look forward to sharing adventures with you Shannon!  And feel we’ll probably meet face to face… Continue reading

A Campsite Correspondent Duo!


These two from Australia, kinda stole our hearts.  They are an adventurous duo that applied to be Campsite Correspondents together.  We thought it was super cute, and we melt for a good love… Continue reading

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