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Alannah’s 8 Great Reasons to go to “Every Woman”


This seemed like an ideal time to share this post – Mother’s Day weekend – celebrating that special woman or all those female role model in our lives.  At the end of this month… Continue reading

Review and Giveaway: I Promise Not To Suffer, by Gail Storey


The cover of I Promise Not to Suffer gave me a lot to think about before I began reading. A pair of bare legs, cropped at the hip, peek out between a blue pleated skirt and a pair of worn hiking boots. All I could envision was a girly-girl too prim and proper to get dirty, afraid of ants or eating out of a pot. It’s a cute image, but turns out to be a bit misleading. And I’m thankful for that because I wasn’t interested in reading the story I was imagining. Instead I was treated to a superb read worthy of all the accolades and awards it has received to date.

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