Review: Wild by Cheryl Strayed from The Hippie Triathlete

Wild by Cheryl StrayedWild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail has been on my “to read” list for well over a year now, but amidst all the craziness the past little while it still has not surfaced to the top of the pile. So, I was pretty stoked when another writer (and a very talented one at that!) offered up a link to her review of this widely popular book.

Jennifer Ward Barber’s review of Wild gives us a breath of fresh air amongst the Oprah-influenced, “this is the best thing since Eat, Pray, Love” reactions to this book. It’s not that this book won’t be just that for some readers, but I have been admittedly skeptical about the hype over this memoir. I’ve simply read too many of them (in fact I’m currently reviewing another one, I Promise Not to Suffer) and it takes a lot to really move me or give me something new to think about.

It was this part of Ward Barber’s review that really resonated with me:

“Had I never stood on a mountain peak naked, backpacked solo in the Rocky Mountains, free-camped and solo cycle toured, maybe then I would’ve found Stayed’s story more compelling. As for all the young women who haven’t done these things—and for whom Strayed might be an inspiration toward adventure—to them she is, and should be, a hero.”

I still look forward to reading Wild, thanks to Ward Barber’s (still) balanced review. And while I can’t promise to shed my bias while reading it, I can respect any author for the hard work they put into a book (let alone hike the Pacific Crest Trail) and the courage it takes to tell a personal story.

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What was your reaction to Wild?