Waterproof Outdoor Sneakers from Forsake

FORSAKE’s new Waterproof Outdoor Sneakers. http://www.forsake.co

*Update (November 19, 2012) – Forsake has launched a new Kickstarter campaign that will run until December 20. Check out details here.

How many pairs of shoes do you have in your closet?

Imagine you could have one shoe that looks great, keeps you dry and won’t disintegrate when you venture off the beaten path. Thanks to Forsake, we’re one step closer to having some ideal, all-weather, all-condition footwear.

Boston footwear start-up Forsake is debuting its line of all-weather sneakers on crowd-funding site Kickstarter.com in a 40-day campaign to raise over $200,000 for mass production (as of today, they have 17 days to go). The company – founded in 2010 at Union College in Schenectady, NY – is foregoing traditional distribution channels in favor of an online pre-order campaign that makes its products available to the public at wholesale prices. Co-founders Jake Anderson and Sam Barstow are using the strategy to overcome a challenge common to manufacturing start-ups: reaching their supplier’s minimum order quantities.

Pledge for a Pair of Kicks

You choose your preferred model, color and size when you pledge a minimum of $75 to the Kickstarter campaign. http://www.forsake.co

The Kickstarter campaign encourages the public to pledge money in exchange for rewards. A pair of Forsake shoes, which carry an MSRP between $120 and $140, is available for a pledge of $75. Backers of the project can choose their preferred model, color, and size. Rewards for other pledge levels range from simple (t-shirts and stickers) to quirky (crayon shoe drawing with a refrigerator magnet to hang it up) to elaborate (attend a Red Sox game with the co-founders).

Their products are available in US Men’s sizes 8 to 13. This includes all half sizes except 12.5. If their funding goal is achieved, all backers will be contacted to find out preferred model, color, and size. Women’s shoe sizes = Men’s + 1.5, meaning a Men’s 8 = Women’s 9.5. (The Campsite is eager for them to sell women’s, so back this project!)

The campaign began Wednesday, April 4th, at 4pm EST and can be found by searching “Forsake” at www.kickstarter.com or by visiting the brand’s website at www.forsake.co.

More about Forsake Sneakers

FORSAKE’s mission is to build uniquely versatile products that combine comfort, performance, and style through functional design and practical technology. http://www.forsake.co

Forsake’s debut footwear line combines technical fabrics and features with modern sneaker styles. The founders, both outdoor enthusiasts and avid skiers, credit their time spent working at resorts in Montana and Utah as inspiration for building high-performance products that can be used in a variety of settings. “We wanted to bridge the gap between your favorite pair of sneakers and more heavy-duty boots or hiking shoes,” says Barstow. The idea eventually became the topic of each founders’ senior thesis and a full-time pursuit after graduation.

To develop their products, the company partnered with a manufacturing company based in Taiwan whose client list includes top U.S. athletic and outdoor brands such as Nike, Timberland, and The North Face. Anderson and Barstow traveled to Asia in January to tour the facility and confirm final prototypes. If the Kickstarter campaign is successful, the brand will begin mass production in June with orders delivered to customers in September.

To back this project, visit Forsake on Kickstarter.