Stoke the Fire 1.4

Let’s see some smoke!

Here’s the round-up from the last Stoke the Fire on June 24!

What will this week hold? This is your chance to Stoke the Fire with any topics you’re discussing on your blog, anything you’ve been thinking and writing about lately, the best post you saw on the internet this week, your latest travel log, the most dramatic photo that was sent you via Facebook, or a shot you took that turned out unexpectedly well. Anything.

If it’s something worth sharing around the campfire, it’s worth sharing here. Try to keep posts relevant to The Campsite, though don’t hesitate to post something you thought was just pretty darn cool.

So, go ahead. Brag, share, link, and promote. This is your day (again) to do it. Use the Comments feature below. Please refer to the Discussion guidelines are at the very bottom of this site.

Let’s make this the biggest fire the Internet has ever seen.