Every Day a Road Trip

I have had this post sitting here awaiting completion among the other 20 sitting in the dark in the old drafts folder. I am motivated to talk about … Read More

The Art of Camping Solo & Eco Zoom Review

I LOVE travelling alone. Don’t get me wrong…..I do love my travel friends too – insert Campsite Gal Pal, Jen Whalen for example, but the older I get … Read More

Falling Back into Living

Hello! We are still here!! Fall – it brings with it some sort of urge to change. Perhaps the trees as they shed their leaves lead us on … Read More

Hello world!

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing!

Getting High in Tofino

So, if you follow Alannah and I at all, you’ve probably concluded two things: We really aren’t in love with blogging.  I mean, we’d much rather the exploration … Read More

Hey…. Horses and Heaven

Woah Bessy! Sure has been awhile since we last strolled in here and worked on things round these parts…. Well truth be told, we have been writing, just struggling … Read More

A & J's Tips to ZZZZZZ Well in the Woods

We were asked last summer to contribute to an article for Canadian Living Magazine. In the name of space our advice was short and sweet for publication and if you … Read More

Camping Recipe: Quinoa Fruit Salsa Salad

Happy Friday Friends! We recently partnered with the Great Outdoor Adventure Show, in Calgary this weekend, along with The Calgary Heritage Roasting Co., {swoon – those guys are … Read More

ReBlog: Camp Reads: Antarctica Edition

Happy Monday Campers! Thought we would share some recent book reviews done by one of our outdoorsy blogger friends and correspondent over at Alpine Lily. She has assembled … Read More

Gojac gear review by Campsite Correspondent Shannon Gibbs

I was very excited when The Campsite asked me to review the “Gojac” so I quickly went online to do some research. The product is marketed as a … Read More

Royal Robbins Mission Knit 1/4 Zip Review

Review by Campsite Correspondent: Ashley Gossens As soon as I received the Royal Robbins in the mail I knew I would be a convert. I don’t usually wear long sleeved … Read More

Wolf in the Fog

A simple delectable experience in Tofino BC.… Read More

6 Things We Learned from Riding with Surf Sister

A wicked experience for these two ol dogs to learn a few new tricks! We tried our hand at surfing, and LOVED it! … Read More

Review-by Campsite Correspondent Sara Mansfield

Crispy weather is lurking in Northern California, especially with the damp El Niño doing it’s thing. It’s the perfect time to try out a new sweater! Thanks to … Read More

Meet Campsite Correspondent Ashley Gossens

Ashley got her love of the outdoors from her dad growing up in rural Pennsylvania, USA. As a child, she spent weekends in the mountains at the family … Read More

Roadtrippin' Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island PART 1 We (Jen and Alannah) often have to go our separate ways when it comes to exploration and adventure.  With each of us holding the kickass … Read More

Embracing a summer of highs after a spring of lows by Campsite Correspondent Stacey Wilcox

Now summer is long over, and we’re looking back at the adventures we’ve had with our son and the time we’ve spent outdoors as a family. If we’re … Read More

Meet Campsite Correspondent Stacey Wilcox

I live with my husband, Keith and 3.5yr old son in Perthshire, Scotland where there are plenty of opportunities to get out and experience the outdoors. We love … Read More

Tuesday Give Away!

Hey Campers!  Here’s a sweet prize pack to Give Away!  We were sent this ‘Camping People’ package from a online gift store called Pavillion Gifts.  They’ve got a … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Lindsey Banks

Hey Campers, please join us in welcoming Lindsey Banks to the Campsite! Lindsey is a Florida-raised, Oregon-living wife, dog mom, outdoor enthusiast and fitness lover! She has a … Read More

Review-Royal Robbins Mission Knit Top by Campsite Correspondent Alex Dapp

From the moment I opened the package that contained the Mission Knit top, I knew that I had a new favourite article of clothing. The quality of the … Read More

Book Review by Campsite Correspondent Crystal Muzik

GULLIBLE’S TROUBLES by Suzi Tooke “We didn’t want to mindlessly meander through middle age, drift into dotage and end up sitting on the porch in our rocking chairs … Read More

GIVEAWAY! Local Love – Get Your Beauty on in the Backcountry

It has been officially one year since Jen and I have taken over the Campsite Blog! What a crazy year and cheers to all of you for slugging … Read More

GEAR REVIEW: CurrexSole – Natural Performance Insoles

Ok – no lie – I have funky, ugly feet. Years of shoving my once pretty feet (I assume they were once pretty) into tight fitting alpine ski … Read More

Product Review: We Are NUTS For ECO NUTS Organic Soap Nuts

So – how many times can we use the word nuts in a title? And what exactly are are Eco Nuts Organic Soap Nuts you might be asking!? … Read More

Ella's Wool Tubes – review

Sometimes we get asked to review gear that simply won’t work for us.  But I think Ella’s Wool should consider making some Tubes that will fit my bum! … Read More

Woolx Crewneck review

Merino wool, Woolx mid-weight base layer review.… Read More


Wanted to take a moment and share some Holiday Cheer! Today I am working away in my kitchen creating lots of our traditional delights for an Open House … Read More

GEAR REVIEW: RefresH2Go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle

GEAR REVIEW by Campsite Correspondent Lindsey Banks – check her out here {Fit Life Pursuits} As an avid outdoor adventurer and fitness enthusiast, I understand the importance of … Read More


{This will be one of the most important, poignant and soulful posts I will ever write and it may make no sense at all, yet perfect sense all … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Jaclyn Thomey

We’re pumped to bring another Alberta girl ’round our fire!  Ok, she was an Alberta girl…she now resides on Vancouver Island.  After just returning from that piece of … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Joanne Fralick

Meet another Canadian Correspondent, Joanne Fralick. We can’t wait to see how your Travel Trailer turns out!  Alannah, stay close for ideas! Here’s a bit about Joanne: I … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Lynn Baumgartner

Oh Lynn, we love your travelling ways.  Take us to Indonesia please!! Please join us in welcoming Lynn ’round the fire.  We look forward to the adventures ahead! … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Shannon Gibbs

We’re excited to introduce another Canadian Correspondent.  Shannon lives the next province over, in beautiful BC. We look forward to sharing adventures with you Shannon!  And feel we’ll … Read More

A Campsite Correspondent Duo!

These two from Australia, kinda stole our hearts.  They are an adventurous duo that applied to be Campsite Correspondents together.  We thought it was super cute, and we … Read More

Next up, Campsite Correspondent Stephanie Ann

Hello, my name is Stephanie Ann. I absolutely adore being outdoors! I love challenging myself physically and mentally, listening, smelling, and soaking in Mother Nature. I also enjoy … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Alex Dapp

Hello Campers!  Meet Alex!  She’s joined us here, round out fire as a Campsite Correspondent. Alex is an outdoor enthusiast who takes advantage of any opportunity she can … Read More

Balloons Take to the Skies

By Campsite Correspondent Crystal Muzik Imagine one hot air balloon floating high in the clear blue sky of the Southwestern state of New Mexico. What does it make … Read More

Bridgedale MerinoFusion Sock Review ~ by Laraine Wyn-Jones

My favourite season is autumn, when the leaves start turning and I can bring out the woolly hats and fluffy socks, so I was delighted when The Campsite … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Grace Anderson

Meet our California USA, Correspondent Grace! Here’s a bit about her: “I grew up in Western Virginia – after discovering the outdoors on a spring break trip with the … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Laraine Wyn-Jones

We’re pretty excited to be sending smoke signals ’round the globe, and are pumped to introduce our newest Scottish Campsite Correspondent, Laraine Wyn-Jones!  We’re so happy to have you here Laraine, … Read More

*Review* Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock Shona Marie

Have you ever done aerial yoga? Its an amazing exercise, where your body is gently stretched with less impact because you’re rarely touching the floor. You’re in a … Read More

Camp Across Canada ~ Part 2: WHAT WAS I THINKING!?

It has taken me a long time to settle back in and gather my thoughts about my journey across Canada this past July. As soon as I got back – … Read More

Campsite Correspondent Crystal Muzik

When we came up with the idea of Campsite Correspondents, we certainly couldn’t have guessed we would receive the interesting and diverse group of applicants we did!  We … Read More

Blue Flame Acrylic Socks

    I’m a fan of the colour, but will these socks really live up to the being ‘the worlds warmest thermal socks? Acrylic fibres.  Hmmmm…I’ve been a … Read More

Longing for Labrador

by: Alannah Gamblin-Jensen Recently I was asked by the Women’s Outdoor Alliance to collaborate on a piece for Expedia, sharing Canada’s Best Playgrounds according to locals. I was … Read More

Runaway Soul Day Columbia Gorge USA, by Campsite Correspondent: Shona Marie

It’s a random Thursday morning at 7:00 AM. My dog is next to me in the passenger seat of my car. As the sun breaks thru the clouds … Read More

Got Spark!? Our Fire is Growing ~ Could You Be a Campsite Correspondent?

Do you feel you can add your unique spark to our fire? We sure hope so! We are thrilled to announce that we finally have our Campsite Correspondent Program … Read More

Gear Review: Northface Aleia 32 RC Women's Backpack

I can’t ever remember hiking and adventuring with a proper backpack that fit really well. Back when I bought my first “big purchase” pack for gallivanting around Europe, I … Read More

7 reasons to visit Villa Del Palmar, at the Islands of Loreto, Mexico

As Alannah embarked on an epic trip across our great country, and back via the beautiful USA, I tossed some beach weather essentials in a carry-on for a quick … Read More

Camp Across Canada – {PART 1} The Destination

As I write this, I am sitting in a breezy screened porch at our “Family” cottage perfectly propped a hundred feet from the gentle waves of a lake in New Brunswick, … Read More


   Of course a flashlight is one of the essentials of any camp trip.  In fact it’s an item that often goes into the pack, even when venturing … Read More

Outside In

It seems fitting that we publish our newest Campsite Correspondent Shona Marie’s post today.  She’s from the beautiful USA, and will surely be celebrating July 4th today.  Welcome … Read More

Welcome our newest Campsite Correspondent!

We’re SUPER excited to introduce our newest correspondent, Shona Marie. Shona is living her wild heart journey, and is presently finishing up a degree while delving into yoga, … Read More

Want to be featured with the Campsite Gals?

Maps, notes, and pack lists…we are in full on planning mode! After an epic week in the wilderness this August with hellhikeandraft.com, Jen will be hitting her homeland … Read More

Top 5 Gifts for Outdoor Dads {& giveaway}

Father’s Day is FAST approaching and us Campsite Gals happen to be married to a couple of pretty amazing dads. They put up with a lot from us and they … Read More

Make-a-head steak marinates for camping.

Well – we are always up for marinading!

From Living in Hell to Hiking There

I was lying flat on my back.  My feet propped up with pillows, and my head hopped up on pills.  I had suffered for over two years, each … Read More

Alannah's 8 Great Reasons to go to "Every Woman"

This seemed like an ideal time to share this post – Mother’s Day weekend – celebrating that special woman or all those female role model in our lives. … Read More

Best U.S. Camping Sites? We got the "Dyrt" 

We have been putting together a list of guest contributors from various backgrounds and from all over the world {Firestarters | Ignitors | Sparks – still need a name … Read More

Stoke the Fire 1.9 ~ Social Media & Beautiful Mama Earth

Welcome back to Stoke the Fire! For this “episode” {did you catch that!? Yes – that is correct – we will be adding sparks around a live virtual fire … Read More

So You Camp eh!? Good for you!

No I am not being sassy with my title! I am legitimately, whole heartedly saying “GOOD FOR YOU!” It is that time of year – CAMPING SEASON! It is … Read More

After the Hunt ~ DIY Elk Jerky Recipe

I am part of a hunting family.   There I said it. It is one of those things difficult to “just put out there” in a public forum sometimes. … Read More

Stoke the Fire 1.8

Let’s go! Us newbie owners here at the Campsite Blog feel it is time for us to Stoke the Fire! This is our first one alone, out here in … Read More

Backcountry Desserts a la Lake O'Hara

Disclaimer – Since I always feel that food creates stories, I have written a piece that eventually gets to the recipes. If you would prefer to skip the … Read More

Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show – part 1 {the giveaway}

So this is happening! The Campsite Blog is over the moon excited to be checking out the latest in products, ideas and services at The Outdoor Adventure & Travel Show being … Read More

The Mountainous Word – "Change"

When I found out that Jen and Alannah were the new owners of The Campsite Blog, I cannot begin to express how excited I was for them!  Knowing both … Read More

A Few Things to Ponder {trail mix}

Hello hello! We thought we would provide a wee update on our “taking the reigns” of the Campsite. 1. We are updating our media kit with some fun and innovative … Read More

Review: The Tower – A Chronicle of Climbing and Controversy on Cerro Torre, by Kelly Cordes – Patagonia Books

“Climbing is not a democracy. It never has been. That’s one of the things we love about it. Climbing is about freedom.” – Hayden Kennedy I found out … Read More

Meet Jen and Alannah, New Owners of The Campsite

It really is a happy start for us this early in 2015 as we prepare to embark on a new journey – this adventure called The Campsite. Are we excited? You bet! Are we nervous? Absolutely! That being said WE ARE READY to kumbaya!

When Meghan asked us to write an introductory piece about ourselves, we must admit we found writing about ourselves to be a challenge. It is one thing to meet people in person and say “hello”, chat a bit, learn a thing or two and create what you would hope to be a lasting impression, but as this intro is a bit one-sided we hope to endear you through words and photos. Consider this piece the equivalent of our hands extended to you ready for a solid handshake, a friendly smile and a happy hello.

We are Jen Whalen and Alannah Jensen.

We vow to slide into the grave worn out, beat up and grinning ear-to-ear. We both have this motto and this is why we are great friends.… Read More