Every Day a Road Trip

I have had this post sitting here awaiting completion among the other 20 sitting in the dark in the old drafts folder. I am motivated to talk about every day road trips today. Or I guess the most recent term could be applied – micro adventures.

The question was asked in a group I am a part of on Facebook about micro adventures and what do you do to get away. I have been doing micro adventures for some time now. Basically I tend to treat every day like a mini get away! While this may seem a bit up in the clouds, that is indeed where I like to be and this is my very intention!

I have been calling them “road trips to work,” so to speak and these drives to my job sites are quite exquisite if I do say so myself. When I know I am going to be taking the trip west to Banff for example (approximately an hour drive foothills to mountain base) I plan to leave early to accommodate the pit stops along the way. This seemingly one hour drive has taken anywhere from 2 hours to almost 5 hours if time permits. Fellow Blogger – Kate Ming Sun experienced this extended adventure last fall! Usually the longer end is on the return trip to home.

I live in Cochrane, about an hour east of Banff and while there is a highway that is very direct, I choose the backroads. They are mostly dirt, riddled with ponds and wildlife, along with many horses to stop and hug along the way. The feeling I get is nothing short of euphoric and I am always left wanting more.

Anyway, I figure why not make the most out of every drive? I drive my son to school during the sunrise – it is an adventure. I pick my children up from their activities and guess what!? It is an adventure. Grocery shopping – yep – involves a stop at the local riverbed and you guessed it – quiet adventure! It is not often I take the direct route in anything that I do. Ask anyone who knows me! There are sunrises to catch, reflections that sparkle, deer to admire and sunsets to guide you home. All of these things make my day complete and spur the rise of another day.

Enough with words (I am learning that some stuff does not need much explaining) – here are some of the photos I have gathered from my #roadtriptowork …. enjoy! I hope this inspires you to look at taking moments in your day to create a mini escape in some way.

Photos by me – Alannah Gamblin-Jensen – all rights reserved. Prints are available for purchase!
Just poke me at info@lannierae.com

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  1. thenotdeadyetblog

    Beautiful photos!

  2. AH

    Oh my God! these are such beautiful pictures, and this is such a great idea. I’ve never thought of this; usually road trips for me are purposeful [to get from point A to B] but this is a really wonderful idea!

  3. don

    i enjoy reading your blog i do agree in making every day a mini get a way and your pic. are great thank you for sharing this with us http://www.campwithoutlimits.com/

  4. David Gray

    Those pictures are absolutely amazing!

  5. Emilio

    Das ist sehr interessant! Danke!

  6. yooperhammocks.com

    This is awesome, Alannah! I’ve been detouring after work and trying to have a small little adventure every day. The blog and pics are great!
    – Devin

  7. ldf984

    Beautiful photos! My partner always gives me a hard time about all the photos that I stop to take on some of the most ‘mundane’ trips in my everyday life – but they often end up being some of my favourites!