Gojac gear review by Campsite Correspondent Shannon Gibbs

I was very excited when The Campsite asked me to review the “Gojac” so I quickly went online to do some research. The product is marketed as a jacket that converts to a backpack, saving you from packing a mid weight jacket on your hike. I was interested to see where my personal items would be stored when I moved from a backpack to a jacket, and how easy the conversion would be.

When my Gojac arrived I was impressed with the number of pockets, and the weight and quality of the fabric. I have conservative taste so the bold zippers and bright yellow patch were not my style but other women could love them. The “backpack” is sewn onto the back of the Gojac and thats where the straps store when it’s a jacket. The jacket has a mesh liner for breathability and comfort. It has snug wrist and waist band to help keep the wind out and the jacket in place. The bottom pockets are big enough to hold today’s larger cell phones but it is missing any inside pockets. There is a good quality hood that that stows away yet I found it large enough to actually be useful.


I first put the jacket on with the backpack empty to try it out for comfort. I could feel the bulk of the straps in the backpack, which I found a bit uncomfortable. I converted it to a backpack which was as easy as the manufacturer claims. Once the jacket was part of the backpack I noticed there was very limited storage space for other items but I wanted to try it in a real situation.


It was a sunny afternoon and one of those days where you weren’t sure how to dress. It seemed like the perfect forecast to try out the Gojac. I started with the jacket on and loaded it with a few items I would need for the day: wallet, keys, cell phone, and water bottle. Once I put the jacket on, I could see why it is important to have a snug waistband: the shoulders of the jacket pull back due to that weight on the back. This felt uncomfortable and I found myself always tugging the jacket forward to avoid the pull at the neck.

The thickness of the jacket was perfect for a walk or hike and did a great job of keeping the wind out. As the afternoon approached and the sun came out it was time to remove the jacket. Converting to a backpack was easy and because I didn’t have a lot of stuff everything fit in the backpack. Once the jacket was converted to a pack it was very comfortable. The shoulder straps were padded and even with the jacket included it was a light pack.

I really enjoyed the product when in the backpack state but once converted to a jacket the bulk and pull made it uncomfortable. It’s just not for me.  Although some might find this two-in-one works for them, I prefer a backpack and separate windbreaker.

*Although I was provided this jacket free of charge all comments and opinions are my own and are completely unbiased.*

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