Wolf in the Fog

Vancouver Island part 3 

Where the rainforest meets the sea, a super chill vibe embraces us, and epic experiences seduce us, we also had our tastebuds tickled, and were guests to some true culinary delights while exploring the coastal dream that is, Tofino.


When Alannah & I were preparing for our trip, we reached out via social media, asking for suggestions of things we must see, adventures to experience, and where to whet our whistles, and fill our bellies.  We were bombarded with suggestions, and felt we had lots of choice.  Once there, we again asked the question, this time with the locals.  Wolf in the Fog, came up as a place we just ‘have to try’.

We were famished after our surfing experience, and getting tossed about in the unforgiving ocean of the Pacific.  After cleaning ourselves up (a little) we rocked up to a rustic set of stairs that led us up above a surf shop and into a gorgeous room with floor to ceiling windows, beams of cedar, and a long brightly lit, and incredibly well stocked bar.

It was relatively busy, and we decided to dine on the deck.  It was dusk, and the night was cooling quickly, but the many overhead heaters kept the chill at bay, and created a cozy ambiance.  Candle light lit up our faces, as did the drink, and we began to drool over the menus before us.


With locally caught seafood, and plant foods regionally harvested, or foraged by the chef in the rainforest, (For real.  He actually mushroom picks in the forest, rad right?) we knew we were in for a culinary delight like none other.

After much discussion and negotiating (A & I don’t share all the same tastes), we agreed on the Mussels to start, and then the BLOCK PARTY which consisted of fried chicken, bbq ribs, pulled pork, cornbread & watermelon.  This was served on a huge chopping block, and was accompanied by the most delectable hand-cut and salted fries. (We may have ordered these separately.  We were really hungry ok?!)


Holy party in my mouth!!  Fried Chicken, so crispy and flavourful you would swear you were being served it some grandma’s kitchen in the deep South, fall-off-the-bone ribs, with a drop dead delicious BBQ sauce, and pulled pork, oh gawd that pulled pork… (wipes drool from chin).

We.were.in.heaven.  We barely spoke.  We just grunted a lot, and gorged on the feast before us.  You’re probably glad you weren’t there.  Looking back  on it, we may not have been showing off our ladylike manners.  It was more caveman style. Lots of finger lickin’ grunts and moans of pleasure.

With our food babies pushing out our pants, we sat back to enjoy the tunes and the sweet smells of the ocean air.  This place was the best.

Be sure to add Wolf in the Fog to your list for your visit to Tofino.  Oh, and bring me back a doggy-bag!




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  1. Dianne G

    Could not open to

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    • jenwhalen

      Hi Mom, we accidentally posted it, it wasn’t quite complete. Stay tuned! and thanks for letting us know!!

  2. Brie

    Wolf in the Fog is soooo good! I ordered the exact same thing when I went. That cornbread though… mmmmm. Check out my Tofino post as well! 🙂

  3. Brie

    Wolf in the Fog is my favourite! Sooo good. We ordered the exact same thing when we went. That cornbread though…ahh! Check out my Tofino post too @ http://www.yvrwestcoaster.com 🙂

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Thanks for the note Brie! Beautiful blog you have! We are so in love with British Columbia – still so much to explore and do! It is an incredible place! Clearly we love food too! lol

  4. evahli

    I went to Tofino recently and wolf in the fog was my favourite place… so cozy!


    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Oh my gosh! Did you over eat like we did!? It was so incredible – definitely sets the bar for EVERYTHING!

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