6 Things We Learned from Riding with Surf Sister

Vancouver Island Part Two (Tofino) – Surf Sister

We’re dividing our road trip up into a few posts because, well, one post simply doesn’t cut it.  We had way too much fun, and there are too many stories to share, and reviews to post.

Thanks to Tourism Tofino, we were provided with great direction of what to see and do during our time there, as well as a few sweet hookups.

Tofino is a small district on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia – Canada’s west coast.  This laid-back, uber relaxed town sits on the peninsula’s tip within Clayoquot Sound.  This area is characterized by breath-taking wild natural scenery. Wide open sandy beaches, ancient rain forests, crashing ocean waves, and a relaxed feel…it’s dreamy really, and you’ve got to experience it, to really understand the uniqueness of  where the rainforest meets the ocean.


We felt we ‘fit in’ with the vibe of this small coastal town when we rocked up in Ruby Slippers, our awesome VW van from Wicked Westies.  (I’m secretly still grieving over her, and trying to convince the hubs to trip with me in the summer.)

Aside from connecting with Tourism Tofino, and lining up a few must-dos, we kept our week pretty open.  We wanted to really meld into the whole road-trippin’ in a Westfalia thing.  We wanted to go with the flow, explore, chill out, and get lost in the natural wonders that surrounded us.  After all, getting away from family commitments, and the roles of ‘mother’, and doing so together, is a rarity for Alannah & I.  So we tossed rules out the window, left responsibilities behind and took each day as it unfolded before us. *bliss*

So with very little in the line of plans we discussed things we each wanted to see and experience.  One thing we both knew we had to do, was get in that pacific ocean and try our hand at surfing!  This was something that was on each of our bucket lists. (East Coast girls have ocean water in our blood.)

We were greeted by genuine smiles and were warmly welcomed by the rad chicks at Surf Sister, and introduced to our instructor Emily.  Their ‘Head Quarters’ consists of a a rustic surf shack, equipped with all the gear, and lots of cool extras to purchase.  They offer surf camps, individual lessons, and so much more.


After our meet and greet, we were instructed to grab our wet suits and head down to Cox Bay, where Emily would meet us with the boards.   A short drive, and only a few minutes later, we were squishing into our wet-suits.  (Those things are like wet Spanx without the dress on top!)  We were certain we would freeze when we hit the water, (it was late fall after all, and this is Canada) but we were pumped to get going all the same.

With boards in hand, we made our way down a green and winding trail to the beach, crashing waves, and smells of the sea.  We found a spot to sit, and literally drawing lines in the sand, Emily explained how to read the waves, how to maneuver our boards, safety lessons, as well as a history on the sport of surfing and where it originated.

She was so, so knowledgable.  Her teaching style kept us interested and intrigued, and before we knew it, our lessons were over and we were directed to the surf, and told to ‘get out there and ride!’

Full of nerves and excitement, we waded in and followed Emily’s lead…

We were surprised to find the suits actually kept us warm, and we weren’t bothered by cold at all!  Even more of a surprise was making it UP!!  Yes, we did it!  After just a couple of tries Alannah and I were each up on our feet, and riding!  We honestly didn’t expect to make it up at all, so we were pretty pumped to ride the wave, even when it was short lived.

We played in the surf for a couple of hours, trying, and trying again.  Getting tossed about & guzzling sea water.

We were super proud of our efforts, and accomplishments, but quickly realized that there’s some serious ab work needed.  Gah-40’s abs aren’t naturally ripped!  It was an incredible but exhausting endeavour. So SO glad we experienced it!

Make-up free, ratty hair, exhausted, and beat up a bit, but smilin’ at knocking another one off the list.  BOOM!!


6 Things We Learned From Riding with Surf Sister:

  1. Surfing is hard. It’s a core muscles kinda workout. So it’s hard. (for us anyway, maybe you’ve already got a six pack, in which case you’ve got an upper hand). But if we feel if we can get up, you can too.

  2. Be prepared to get beat-up a bit.  Or maybe a lot. The waves can be strong, and when they hit, and you’re not ready, you tumble, and scrape up against the floor of the ocean, and get tossed around like a sock in a dryer.  Get ready for a salt water gargle.  And maybe even a mouthful of sand.

  3. Don’t eat a lot before going.  We had a light breaky and were really glad when we were getting tossed around.

  4. Get ready to pig out when you’re done.  We’ll tell you all about our amazeballs meal at Wolf in the Fog coming up in Tofino part 3 blog post.

  5. The Surf Sisters really know their stuff!  They are a rad bunch, truly living the dream.  But they take the job seriously, and take the time to give you the deets that are needed to keep you safe while having fun. Emily was a rock-star.  She really pumped us up, and gave us the confidence we needed to get out there and ride.  There was lots of laughter to be had too.

  6. You should always try something new.  When was the last time you tried something for the first time?  If it’s been awhile, make a plan to try something soon.  It really is what living is all about!

We both loved the experience and will absolutely try it again.  If you’re in Tofino, be sure to check them out. (you really won’t regret it!)  Get in touch with them here!

Hang on kids!  There’s much, much more to our road trip, and time in Tofino.  Stay tuned  for our food & drink reviews of Wolf in the Fog, Chocolate Tofino, Tofino Brew Co, Tacofino & The Tofitian and last but def not least, our amazing experience with Atleo Air, all coming up soon!!

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