Meet Campsite Correspondent Ashley Gossens


Ashley got her love of the outdoors from her dad growing up in rural Pennsylvania, USA.

As a child, she spent weekends in the mountains at the family hunting cabin developing her love of nature from a young age. She was always drawn to the great mountains of the west so after college she moved to Seattle and the Cascade Mountains. She hasn’t stopped exploring since.

Ashley has hiked and backpacked all over the Northwest and Alaska. By 2013 she climbed thirty peaks, a goal she set for herself before she turned 30 years old. For the 30th she climbed the rugged and remote Glacier Peak in Washington’s Cascade Mountains.

Ashley loves sharing her connection to the outdoors with her friends and family. She believes that time shared with others in the outdoors is a gift that should be given graciously and often. She spent her honeymoon in British Columbia, paddling Lillooet Lake and hiking to Panorama Point above Garibaldi Lake, and spent her father’s 60th birthday glimpsing glaciers and scouting for wildlife at Denali National Park, a place he’d always wanted to visit. She cherishes these memories and encourages others to create their own special memories in their favorite spaces.

When she’s not getting her friends and family outside, she’s usually out recharging solo on her favorite trails with her dog, Nali. She believes that being in the outdoors alone is rejuvenating and empowering and wants to encourage other women to explore on their own, finding the inner peace that comes with it. She also loves reading adventure and outdoor books, especially while snuggled up in blankets and drinking a hot cup of tea.

We are pretty pumped to bring this outdoor adventure lovin’ bad ass into our campsite!  We can’t wait to adventure with you!  Follow Ashley’s adventures right here, and also on Instagram, and Twitter and on her own blog alpine!