Roadtrippin' Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island PART 1

We (Jen and Alannah) often have to go our separate ways when it comes to exploration and adventure.  With each of us holding the kickass title of  ‘Mother’ in our homes, and crazy work schedules, it’s not that often that we get to escape together.  But when we do…


Our adventure started with an early morning flight from Calgary to Vancouver with Westjet.  {They are our reliable go-to fave airline.  Seriously.  The. Best. Especially when you almost miss your flight……we know nothing about being late for flights…} Ok – we may have almost missed our flight out of Calgary AGAIN!

From Vancouver, we caught the Skytrain to some area just outside of Coquitlam.  We were definitely country mice in the city when it came to catching the train – which line? Where are we now? Excuse me miss – can you help us? These are all relevant questions while travelling, and we exhausted them all plus a few more.

We were greeted by Dave of Wicked Westies.  He picked us up where the train stopped in  ‘Ruby Red Slippers’, a sweet VW van.  We headed back to his place to go over the deets of what would be our reliable ride, and cozy home for the next week.

She’s so pretty, isn’t she??

Dave was awesome.  He went over every detail, and sent us on our way.  We instantly fell in love with Ruby Red Slippers.  She was powerful, but pretty.  She definitely got us some looks on the road {or maybe that was ’cause Alannah changed her top in the passengers seat?}  Either way, we loved our ride.  We had always heard that V-dubs lacked in power, but we found her to keep up nicely, and we drove forever on an empty tank. {Seriously in the middle of the rain-forest, no gas station for miles and miles…come on Ruby, keep going!} We will never forget the cackle of the road worker when she told us newbies we would be “Shit out of Luck” soon and said “Good Luck! CACKLE CACKLE CACKLE!” There may be more on this as we unfold the story!

We caught the Ferry from the mainland to the Island, and by the time we reached our campground for the night, we were ready to pop the top up and chill out for the evening. With one bed up in the roof and one sofa turned into bed, there was room for all of our things, (Ruby Red Slippers sleeps 4, so we had space to spread out a bit) and it was warm and cozy.

Sleep came fast, and then so did the sun.  BIG TIME! Alannah may have been running about in her flannel onsie outside the van, screaming  “Oh.My.God” repeatedly.  That sunrise huntress is relentless when it comes to early mornings and catching the first glimpse of golden rays.  I don’t talk  before coffee, but I peeled off my sleeping bag and grabbed my lens too.  It really was breath-taking.

Alannah aka Sunrise Huntress

After all of our ooooh’s and ahhhh’s were depleted, we fired up the burners inside the van, to put on coffee and cook up some breakfast.  It’s all so compact, but yet so equipped. It’s got a sweet little fridge, two gas burners, fold-out table, cooking utensils, dishes and water hook-up. The only thing we didn’t find was measuring cups!

Most of our nights it rained, (it is Vancouver Island after all) and one night was torrential.  We felt so bad for the tenters that surrounded us, as we had room to move and stayed warm and dry while they retreated to their cars in the early morning hours to warm up, and dry out.

Music at our fingertips, a comfortable bed without blowing up the mattress, full kitchen including the sink and stove…yes, it was quite luxurious.  We actually welcomed the rain and the sound it made on the roof, lulling us to sleep.

We loved our Westie.  It’s the perfect mode of transport and accommodation all rolled into one.  If you love to camp, but don’t want to fuss with gear, this would be perfect.  In fact…..we didn’t want to give her back! IMG_4218


Easy on gas, and with everything you need to keep you comfortable.  Compact yet roomy.  It was perfect for the two of us, and although it can sleep 4, we would think that would be pushing it for personal space type people.  Especially if you were bringing a lot of gear.

We were actually feeling a bit spoiled after Ruby Red Slippers.  We hope we have not ruined tent camping!

You can book your Wicked Westie here.  Be sure to do so in advance, we know they book up quickly in the peak season.  We are sure you’ll love your V-Dub as much as we did.

This was a sponsored trip by Wicked Westies and Tourism Tofino who set us up on some fun stuff along the way – more on that stuff!
Watch for part 2 of our adventures on Vancouver Island – TOFINO!  


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  1. Joanne Fralick

    We got two feet of snow here in eastern Ontario yesterday. No camping for me right now.

  2. wildtuscanybushcraft

    Beautiful shots!!!

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Thank you! Not hear do get wondrous photos on this gorgeous island!

  3. alannahgamblinjensen

    * not hard to get * lol

  4. Kristan

    Looks like such a fun trip! Great pics and great to know about Wicked Westies – been looking for a good camper van rental company in upper PNW/BC area.

  5. Cameron

    Such a beautiful place to visit. I did a road trip myself up there a few years back and enjoyed (almost) every mile. I think the Oregon coast was one of my favorite stretches.