Review-Royal Robbins Mission Knit Top by Campsite Correspondent Alex Dapp

From the moment I opened the package that contained the Mission Knit top, I knew that I had a new favourite article of clothing. The quality of the shirt stood out right away and I could not stop feeling it due to the unbelievable softness. The Mission Knit is made out of alternative merino wool, and being a fan of anything wool, I was already hooked, but I still decided to take it out for a spin to see if it could stand up to my already high expectations. While I could have just gone for a hike or taken it camping for a weekend, I wanted to put the top to the true test; mountain biking.

Typically when I mountain bike, I like to stick to more polyester blends in my clothing to ensure flexibility and breathability during my rides. Because I am constantly in motion and usually have a pack on my back, I am prone to sweat, a lot. Therefore, I was a little weary of putting on a wool top before hitting the trails, but to my surprise, my worries were washed away.


Not only did the Mission Knit top meet my expectations, it surpassed them! Though it is fall here in Missouri, my ride took place on a warmer day for the season, so the outside elements weren’t doing me any favors. While riding, I was able to move around comfortably without feeling restrained or as if I was being slowed down due to the fabric.

Also, because the top fits a little looser, it wasn’t constantly clinging to my body, which made the top incredibly breathable and rather lightweight. Because the shirt is long sleeve, I pulled the sleeves up to my elbows and never had a problem with them falling down while I was in motion. In my day-to-day outfits, I love wider necks on my tops, which is great because the Mission Knit has an asymmetrical crew neck, however, because the neck line is larger, it would tend to fall to one side, exposing more of my shoulders, so I had to stop and fix it every so often.

If that’s my only complaint though, I think we have found ourselves a winner.
If you are looking for a comfortable top that keeps you warm while still being breathable enough that you can be active while wearing it, this is the top for you. The stretch of the fabric combined with the diagonal seam along the waistline allows for just the right blend of fitted and flowy.

They’ve got a huge selection, check them out here!




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