GEAR REVIEW: CurrexSole – Natural Performance Insoles

Ok – no lie – I have funky, ugly feet. Years of shoving my once pretty feet (I assume they were once pretty) into tight fitting alpine ski boots to smash gates around really took its toll. I have lost toenails to foot jamming, I have broken one big toe twice and a baby toe once. I have large painful bunions and frost bite that returns – tight arches from gymnastics and genetically high arches on top of that. Also considering I had braces on my hips to my feet as a child (yes, enter Forrest Gump visual) to fix a congenital birth defect in my hips that had my legs and feet so severely pronated, it is amazing that I walk half ass normal-ish.  Enter husband quacking behind me sometimes because combined with my bubble butt, I apparently walk like a duck. Nice hey!? Anyone have a foot fetish? If you did, you don’t now! You’re welcome….

Just look at those things! Ugh!

Needless to say I have a hard time fitting these sexy, beastly feet of mine and even harder time balancing it altogether in the right alignment for my body. So I am very particular because I hurt – all the time from my toes up to my neck. I need a wide width shoe for starters – from hikers to heels (Merrell so far is my front runner). I have custom footbeds too – that needed replacing. And when I find a shoe brand that fits and works well I stick to it, like one does with bras and underwear and get very upset when they stop production. So Merrell, please keep on keeping – Thanks!

When CurrexSole emailed to see about us trying out their fitted insoles on our hikes and adventures, I was keen to give this a solid go considering I was due new foot beds anyway.

The first step was assessing my foot for the appropriate insoles. This part was interesting having been fitted for footbeds several times in my lifespan and it was always a bit of a process sometimes requiring doctor notes. This time around it was so simple it seemed a bit like a joke compared to what I had gone through in the past.

They sent us a link to help assess our feet. A unique long distance way of doing this! Insole_foot_profile
Once we discovered we were both high arched people, we submitted the result and poof – within two weeks we had new insoles. I was sent the EDGEPRO insole, which suited my adventures and sports.  I immediately cut mine to fit my favourite trail runners and away I went. I sometimes run when my booty needs minimizing, but I mostly hike / walk trails. The first long distance hike I used them on was a summer hike to Rockbound Lake in Banff National Park. Approximately 18 kilometres and I had no pain. No tingling. No burning. I felt cushioned and supported. I almost didn’t use them on such a long hike for the fear of pain or further damage to my feet. There is nothing worse than the “screaming barfies” in the middle of no where!  I honestly had that “wait a minute moment – is this smart of me?” So like any good planner, I packed my old insoles in my backpack for “just in case.”


Are they a perfect fit? Well no – not like custom orthotics would be, obviously. But all in all, I thought they served their purpose, I was pleasantly surprised and they have found a permanent home in my favourite trail runners. I am due new trail runners / hikers this spring so fingers crossed I can continue with my go to brand and stay with happy feet. I will move them over to my new Fischer Vacuum Fit Ski boots to give them a try skiing and touring and see how that goes.

If you are interested in possibly purchasing a pair – look for a retailer new you.


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