Ella's Wool Tubes – review

Sometimes we get asked to review gear that simply won’t work for us.  But I think Ella’s Wool should consider making some Tubes that will fit my bum!  Here’s a review by a dear friend.


My baby daughter Gabrielle and I live in Banff Alberta, Canada.  Our winters are long here in the snowy mountains, and the temperatures dip well below freezing. Dressing in layers isn’t an option when you live here, you simply must to keep warm.

When the opportunity to review Ella’s Wool Tubes came up, I was excited to try them on my girl right away!

First, I loved the deep plum colour!  Dark colours are best when the mode of transportation in on her knees!


I was so impressed at how well they fit! I was a bit skeptical when I read that one size fit the age range of 9-18 months, how can it be that they would fit for so long?

These tubes fit great! They aren’t baggy at all, but there is tons of room to grow.  They have the gentle stretch; great for Gabrielle to grow into without losing the integrity of the fit and appearing too tight. The pants roll up without looking odd and later on will roll down as she grows taller. The waistband is snug but not so tight that it cuts into her little waist, and she moves with ease while sporting them.

I honestly think we can use these tubes until she is 24months old! I love this feature, as these little ones grow so fast and a pair will last us 8-10 months of our long winters, and longer!

Function wise they are super easy to care for {another bonus being a busy mum}, I wash them about every 4-5th wear as needed, by hand. However it’s a quick wash with wool shampoo {a small packet was provided when I received my tubes}, rinse out, pat dry between a towel and hang to dry overnight and they are ready to go for the next day!


Side bonus, they never smell! I find with wool they can take on a musty scent after the first wash but nope, they smell the same as the day we received them!

Now to put them to the test in our winters… WOW, are they ever warm! Our winters are crisp and cold and I use these under her fleece day suit or a thick snow suit,  and on their own on warmer days and she has never been cold, not even once.

The combination of Merino, Llama and Alpaca is super warm {when I hear of wool garmets, I think itchy} however happy to report no itchiness, no funny creases on her skin and zero discomfort to my baby girl!

This product is hands down durable {our new favourite} and a great investment. I am defiantly purchasing another pair!!


Keeping warm in Banff Alberta, Canada!
Koren & Gabrielle

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  1. Becky Connor

    Cutest baby EVER!

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