Wanted to take a moment and share some Holiday Cheer!
Today I am working away in my kitchen creating lots of our traditional delights for an Open House Festivus tomorrow evening. On the menu: Moose stew (we harvested a moose this past hunting season), rosemary potato leek soup, my grandmother’s whipped shortbread, gingerbread houses for us to do as a family one of these evenings by the fire and tons more. I embrace all things cozy and yummy this time of year. We have adventures planned to help offset the amount of yumminess!

One of the traditions I have managed to maintain over the years, no matter where I have found myself,  has been making my mom’s homemade eggnog. She has been making this for well over 30 years – growing up we used to have an open house party on Christmas Eve every year. Here is the recipe – it is sacred – you should feel lucky I am sharing it! 😉



Time – minimal about 10 minutes. Very easy. 

You need a mixer with a whisk attachment and a large bowl. I serve it in a punch bowl with a side shaker of nutmeg so peeps can adjust nutmeg to taste.

Winter Camping? Make ahead and store in mason jars. Freezes well too and I have been known to freeze into small plastic baggies and ummm….eat like a popsicle! 

Feel free to ask questions – I will do my best to answer them for you.


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  1. Tom Dianne Gamblin

    Merry Christmas and enjoy, Mom

  2. wildtuscanybushcraft

    Best wishes !
    Auguri dall’Italia!

  3. Camp That Site

    Sounds yummy. Sounds like a great way to celebrate, cheers