GEAR REVIEW: RefresH2Go Milestone Filtered Water Bottle

GEAR REVIEW by Campsite Correspondent Lindsey Banks – check her out here {Fit Life Pursuits}

As an avid outdoor adventurer and fitness enthusiast, I understand the importance of hydration. But unfortunately, most people do not drink nearly enough water, and it can have many negative effects on their health and their performance when hiking, biking, climbing, or adventuring around the world.


I was thrilled to get my hands on the RefresH2Go filtered water bottle. It holds a whopping 1 liter of water (34oz.), with measurement markings right on the side to monitor how much water you are drinking. This is important for any outdoor enthusiast who needs to pay special attention to how much water they are drinking during a day, especially on warm days or when at higher elevations. Taking note of your water intake will help you to avoid dehydration on your adventure!


The features of this water bottle are great! It includes a filtered straw, a carrying handle, a folding mouthpiece that prevents leaks and keeps it clean, and it is made of the durable; Tritan™ plastic from Eastman. So, even if you are rough on your supplies, like me, this one will be sure to last.

The filtration system is great for traveling where you may not have access to previously filtered water. The only downside is that you have to replace the filter about every 2 months, or every 40 gallons. Replacement filters can be easy found on theRefresH2Go website.

I plan on taking this bottle on my 2-week roadtrip coming up to ensure that I am drinking enough. I’ll be in and out of the car, exploring several National Parks, camping and biking around cities. This water bottle is sure to stay by my side the entire 5,000-mile trip. Filling it up just twice a day will ensure that I am getting over my daily water target of 64 oz.

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  1. Lisa

    Thanks for sharing this, I’ve actually been looking for this kind of a water bottle. Like you, I’m a tad meticulous on my water intake, especially when I’m outside. This is perfect.