A Campsite Correspondent Duo!

These two from Australia, kinda stole our hearts.  They are an adventurous duo that applied to be Campsite Correspondents together.  We thought it was super cute, and we melt for a good love story.

It’s so great to have you Will (Bamf) and Ashlee!  We’re pumped to see where you take us!

Here’s a a bit about them in their own words:

Two young lovers and Mountainashy is our creation. We push ourselves to venture further and further into unknown territory on our free weekends. Chasing waterfalls, exploring caves, climbing mountains and swimming in hidden paradises. We’ll give anything a go once and that attitude drives us to see as much of Australia and the world as we can.


 They’ll be sharing their stories of love and adventure with us, but you can also see what they’re up to at mountainashy.com 

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  1. Eric

    Awesome! Love to see a good caming duo 😀 😀 😀