Next up, Campsite Correspondent Stephanie Ann

Hello, my name is Stephanie Ann. I absolutely adore being outdoors! I love challenging myself physically and mentally, listening, smelling, and soaking in Mother Nature. I also enjoy yoga and being still once I have reached my destination on my hike or backpacking trip. Many times I go on these trips alone and find it very recharging and empowering. I enjoy stand-up paddle boarding, snowboarding, and I am hoping to get into rock climbing soon!
Currently I am residing in NW Washington, but I am originally from Oregon. I grew up in Central Oregon, where my love for the outdoors and competitive nature was encouraged and supported by not only family, but by community as well. I try to go on a new adventure each week. There are so many beautiful places to explore and I look forward to sharing my experiences and photographs with you all! :

We’re super stoked to have you Stephanie!  We look forward to soaking up some Mother Nature with you!

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