Bridgedale MerinoFusion Sock Review ~ by Laraine Wyn-Jones

My favourite season is autumn, when the leaves start turning and I can bring out the woolly hats and fluffy socks, so I was delighted when The Campsite sent me two pairs of Bridgedale MerinoFusion socks to try out! I like to think I’m something of a sock connisseur.

So, here’s the technical stuff! Both pairs of socks are made from MerinoFusion which is Bridgedale’s unique SKI technology. The material used is merino wool, keeping you warm when it’s cold, cool when it’s hot and doesn’t smell! The result is beautifully soft socks which are an absolute joy to put on.

Firstly, I tried out the Control Fit II socks, a long midweight full terry knit sock with friction free slide zones, perfect for putting your ski/snowboarding boots on. Since this is autumn in Scotland, I didn’t get to test them out skiing but I did wear them with my mountaineering boots for a hike in the Cairngorms National Park, so I could test out the claims of maximum warmth, leg protection and foot and toe comfort, due to the merino cushioning.

In summary, those claims are fully justified. These socks are so soft, I actually wore them for three days on the trot, including evenings. They fitted great with my mountaineering boots and protected round my calves where my boots are prone to rubbing. The only minor criticism I’d have is that the socks bobbled very quickly. I didn’t notice it affecting performance in any way but they didn’t look quite as pretty as when I first took them out of the packet. I shall be interested to see how these last when being worn and washed regularly throughout winter, since I’m pretty sure they’re going to get a lot of use. Having said that, the Bridgedale socks do come with a three year guarantee which is pretty impressive and gives me confidence in the lifespan of the socks!

The second pair of socks I tried were the Vertige Light. These are also long socks with a Precision Fit System, incorporating Lycra. Although not marketed as compression socks, I loved wearing these in the evenings after hiking. The micro terry underpads really do provide extra cushioning, which is just lovely when your feet are a little sore from hiking long distance and the fit around my calves felt very comforting and helped my sore calf muscles. In addition to testing these out in the cooler autumn weather where they performed beautifully, keeping my feet toasty warm, they also had a good workout on a recent hike where the temperature spiked to a very unexpected 26 degrees! Despite sweating profusely during the hike, my feet still felt comfortable and dry, and much to my husband’s delight, didn’t smell at all when I took my boots off at the end of the day!

I’ve been really pleased with these socks, and at $23.95 for the Control Fit II and $24.95 for the Vertige Light, I’d say they were a worthwhile investment. Knowing they’ll keep your feet toasty, comfortable and non stinky for days at a time is well worth it. On a final note, the colour combinations are just gorgeous. All in all, damn good socks which I intend to wear pretty much continuously throughout a chilly Hebridean winter!

Bridgedale 1 Bridgedale 2