Campsite Correspondent Laraine Wyn-Jones

We’re pretty excited to be sending smoke signals ’round the globe, and are pumped to introduce our newest Scottish Campsite Correspondent, Laraine Wyn-Jones!  We’re so happy to have you here Laraine, and look forward to Scottish adventures with you! (Hold the Haggis!)

Here’s a bit about Laraine:

“After spending 12 years sitting behind a desk, living a sedentary and quiet sort of existence, I won a competition that literally changed my life. It was to spend a week in Wales, UK climbing the Welsh 3000’s – the 14 peaks in the Snowdonia National Park that are over 3000 feet. Having never climbed more than a flight of stairs, I was petrified.

A week later I was physically broken but completely hooked.
Fast forward two years, I’d climbed the 3000’s a couple more times, climbed and hiked in Scotland and the French and Swiss Alps, and decided that weekends were no longer enough to get my fix of the outdoors. I handed in my notice at my sensible desk-based job and moved to the Inner Hebrides of Scotland with my husband to run a small adventure business.

These days my desk (on the occasions I’m at it) overlooks a harbour where dolphins play, I live in hiking boots and waterproofs (this is Scotland, after all) and I can’t remember the last time I wore make up or styled my hair. I’ve never been happier!

I can’t wait to share my stories from the Inner Hebrides, and my upcoming explorations of the Outer Hebrides and mainland Scotland!”Campsite correspondent

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  1. Camp That Site

    Sounds like a great life choice. Can’t wait to hear all about your adventures

  2. Will & Ash

    We’ve always loved Scotland ! Really looking forward to some write ups 🙂 xo

    Will & Ashlee –

  3. Julie

    I can’t wait to hear your stories!