*Review* Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock Shona Marie

Have you ever done aerial yoga? Its an amazing exercise, where your body is gently stretched with less impact because you’re rarely touching the floor. You’re in a silky cocoon of peaceful amazingness that separates you from the world around you. Just you, the hammock, and your thoughts drifting away.

Looks like a sweet view, and a great place to hang my hammock no?
Ahhh bliss…

The Tribe Provisions Adventure Hammock is a lot like that, but better. Because you aren’t in some musty gym with a bunch of other people. You are wherever the hell you want to be, with whomever you want to be, thousands of miles away from it all or in your own backyard.


Pros: super lightweight, super compact. Its easy to throw in a pack or clip to the side of it. (There is a handle on either side of the bag.) The bag is permanently attached to the side of the hammock, so you will never ever ever lose it. Ever. And when you are done with it, the hammock and ties are easily crammed right back where they came from, no special folding or rolling necessary.

Cons: I, for one, am not an avid knot tyer. (tyer is a real word, by the way. I had to look it up. It means to be one who ties, or unites.) If I were out on my own, I’m not entirely certain I could have easily gotten the hammock tied in a safe position all night. It would have happened eventually, but with night falling, it woulda been a close call. Combine that with the fact that the instructions basically immediately flew away, and I was thankful my friend was with me. It would be nice to have the option to have some tree-hanging straps. Although I suspect the adventurer who is using this regularly, out on their own, probably knows how to tie some mean knots.

The good thing is, Tribe Provisions has provided a free download of the instructions for when you lose yours. (Because you will.) I didn’t fall down, but I did fall in love. If I am in a tree line, I will probably never sleep in a tent again. After the initial tentativeness of “am I gonna eat sh*t?” the bliss of the weightlessness took over.

IMG_1832.JPG IMG_1822

Waking up as the sun was peaking over the water and not a single kink in my body from being on the ground was amazing. Weightlessness is amazing. Being in a cocoon is amazing. It stayed pretty warm (I did have a blanket though). I would absolutely recommend this hammock both for serious backpacking and a leisurely afternoon of napping and reading.

*Contest Alert!*  Win a sweet Tribe Provision Hammock of your own!!

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  1. Julie

    Looks cozy! Love the shot of you in the hammock 🙂

  2. Camp That Site

    Looks like a great hammock. will add the link to my hammock blog post http://campthatsite.com/2015/04/09/h-5-hammock-styles-for-your-next-camping-trip/

  3. wildtuscanybushcraft

    Nice hammock!!!

  4. Mitch Stevens

    very interesting article, great alternative to tent camping. Thanks!

  5. Alex Grady

    Lovely pictures and nice hammock you got there! Must be really relaxing.

  6. frenzyhook

    I always love relaxing and do some reading in hammock while waiting for fish bite

  7. Ken

    Great post. I’d like to get back into hammock camping this fall.