Blue Flame Acrylic Socks




I’m a fan of the colour, but will these socks really live up to the being ‘the worlds warmest thermal socks?

Acrylic fibres.  Hmmmm…I’ve been a fan of wool for years.  I was a little skeptical about trying these Acrylic socks.  Blue Flame Footwear claims that they’re the ‘World’s Warmest Thermal Socks’, so I simply had to find out!

These socks are THICK, like really thick, and although they did compress to fit into my boots, I would suspect that they may be too thick for some.

They are so super soft on the insides.  Like belly-of-an-angora-kitten-soft.  If you’re a sucker for softness, these really can’t be beat.

“The inner fibers of all Blue Flame Footwear thermal socks undergo an intensive brushing process that creates an ultra soft and fluffy texture inside. These long brushed fibers cause our socks to have a really thick insulation that is not only soft, but also provides superior insulation. Our exceptionally thick looped padding traps small pockets of air, keeping warmth where it’s needed most, around your feet!”


We’ve had some cold days here in the mountains.  I think the summer has past us by, and snowy days are creeping in, with our mountains already capped with snowy peaks.

I put these to the test on a family hike, and they indeed kept my toes toasty.  My toes do tend to get cold quickly and these socks kept them super warm, but without over-heating.  Big thumbs up for that.


SUPER fluffy on the inside.  They are the softest socks I’ve ever owned.  I found them very comfortable.

Warm.  They truly are warm.  My feet stayed really warm, and my toes tend to get cold very easily.

Warranty.  Blue Flame offers a wicked warranty if you’re unsatisfied, you can send the back for a full refund.  This seems like a fair deal; you can’t lose by trying them!




They are light in weight, but so fluffy and big, that I would suspect that some would find it difficult to fit into their boots with these bad boys. They are a very thick sock.

They tend to roll a bit at the top.  It’s just the design I guess, but this could be a bummer for some.

All in all they were ultra comfortable and definitly super warm!  With a warranty to guarantee your satisfaction, they are worth trying for yourself!

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