7 reasons to visit Villa Del Palmar, at the Islands of Loreto, Mexico

As Alannah embarked on an epic trip across our great country, and back via the beautiful USA, I tossed some beach weather essentials in a carry-on for a quick trip to Villa Del Palmar, at the Islands of Loreto Mexico.

I was bummed that I wouldn’t have her experience (I’ve yet to cross Canada by car, but it’s on my list!) but I was pretty pumped to get back to Mexico, and to an area I’d never been.

In no particular order, here’s 7 Reason’s why you should go!

1. This resort is flash.  The rooms are HUGE, and pimped out with luxuries like soaker tubs, multiple baths, massive decks, full kitchens and living areas, and even a washer/dryer.  Freshly baked cookies were part of the nightly turn-down service, and although I regretfully didn’t make time for it, on request the staff will come to draw you an epsom salt bath in your soaker tub.








2. The food is authentically Mexican.  Freshly prepared and delicious, with many locally sourced ingredients.  I’ve visited various areas of Mexico, and have stayed in a variety of places, eating some really good meals.  The variety of restaurants to choose from at Villa Del Palmar was plentiful, and every bite I had was full of flavour.  Plus if you catch it, they’ll cook it!  Nothing like fresh fish!  Yum!



3.  The landscape.  It’s like NOTHING I’ve ever seen before.  It’s where the sea literally meets the desert, and the views are spectacular!  Red cliffs lined with cacti drop into the sea.  It’s a pretty inhospitable environment really, and death would surely leap in fast if you were ever ship-wrecked there!  There’s nothing but salt water and dry prickly desert.  They are currently building a massive golf course that will back onto the resort.  It will undoubtedly add to the breath-taking views, as well as outdoor activities.





4. The outdoor adventures!  Obviously there needs to be fun outdoor things to do to make my list of great places to visit, and Villa Del Palmar did not disappoint.  There were various hiking and mountain biking trails just steps from the resort, taking you up into the cliffs, and past towering cacti to overlook the beautiful Sea of Cortez.

If you’ve got your PADI certification, there are daily departures to take you Scuba Diving in the marine life rich waters,  OR if snorkelling close to shore is more your thing, you can do that too!  There are also glass-bottomed kayaks and SUP’s available on the beach for those up for a wee paddle on the smooth waters.

My all time fave activity however, was deep-sea fishing!  IT. WAS. EPIC.  We boarded a stark-white yacht, and set out for an all day excursion.  I had never deep-sea fished before, so being a first for me, I was stoked from the get go.  Bringing in a 7 foot shark took that stoked feeling through the roof!

Yeah, a shark.  For real. I did that.

I ALSO LET SET HIM FREE.  It was a catch and release program, and the shark lived to see another day. This made me happy.


This is a pic of me and my girl Rue, of outdoorafro.com.  We’re heading back from a ridiculously fun day poppin’ corks on the yacht in a 50 Cent video deep-sea fishing!


All smiles!  {Photo Credit: Alexa Meisler}


This was my ‘first catch’ of the day.  When I asked what kind of fish it was, the answer was ‘Bait’.  I was actually proud of this!!  This bait proved worthy, and helped me to bring in my SHARK! {Photo Credit: Alex Meisler}


There I am!!  Arms-a-burnin’!!  Check out the top middle of photo to see my bad boy!  {Photo Credit: Alexa Meisler}


OMG YES!!  Check out that fighter!!  {Photo Credit Alexa Meisler}

5. The specactular Sibila Spa.  This state of the art, 39,000 square feet spa offers an oasis of indulging treatments and a blissful wet area, where you can move through the various baths, showers, steams and saunas.  The spa boasts floor to ceiling windows that allow the beauty of the outdoor surroundings in.  I indulged in a deep tissue massage followed by a few hours in the wet areas.  It was heavenly, and the perfect day after a deep-sea fishing experience.IMG_2023

6. The relaxing vibe.  Mexico is well-know for it’s low key vibe, afternoon siestas, and permission to kickback and relax. I can really get down with that kinda thing! I love walking barefoot, hammock time, taking time to smell flowers, and strolling unknown streets for photo ops.  These kinds of things really relax me.


This was the blogger group taking a break from our tour of the colourful town of Loreto.



IMG_20337. Stunning skies.  The remote location of Villa Del Palmar offers peace and tranquility, but also jet black skies at night.  This means millions, and millions of sparkling stars!  Sadly I do not have a pic of the diamonds in the sky (you’re going to have to go see for yourself!)  The sunrises were also beautiful, as were the delightful sunsets.


IMG_1591 IMG_1619


Well, there you have it!!  All in all it was a great trip, and one I’d do again.  I think it has a romantic vibe to it, and I’d love to go there with my love.  There are direct Westjest flights from November through May from Calgary as well.  It’s also only a 2 hr flight from LAX!

{Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto paid exclusively for my trip to Mexico, but opinions and stories are my own.}

Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto is offering a special rate for all our Campsite friends and fans!   $119 USD per night in a Deluxe Studio suite, plus taxes and gratuities. The rate for this time normally is $184 USD per night, plus taxes. You can book now until December 11, 2015, for travel until December 17, 2015. Terms and conditions apply.

Guests can reference the code FAMJUL15 when they book a reservation through reservaciones.vdpl@vgloreto.com

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  1. Matt P

    Beautiful pictures, love the colors of the guitars and the amazing sunset pics

    • Campsite

      Thanks Matt! It was a beautiful spot to visit, and a very colourful town.