From Living in Hell to Hiking There

I was lying flat on my back.  My feet propped up with pillows, and my head hopped up on pills.  I had suffered for over two years, each month a bit more painful than the last.  I tried everything to numb the pain.  I saw multiple doctors, specialists, and physiotherapists.  I underwent prolotherapy treatments, chiropractic appointments, cranial-sacral adjustments and acupuncture.  Medicinal Mary Jane, why not?  Nothing could kill it.  Taking the edge off was the best I could do.

I had been on the wait list for a MRI for over a year, and knowing what I know now, I should have just pulled out the plastic, and paid for it to avoid the ridiculous wait.  That’s valuable time I’ll never get back…

Finally, after what had seemed like a lifetime, I was told that the surgery was booked.  (Sweet Jesus YES!)  It was simple; remove the disc that had ruptured, and had been pushing against the nerve.

How could something so simple cause so much pain?  Such debilitation? 

That was the summer of 2011, (almost four years ago) and if you told me then, that I’d be selected as one of a dozen to Hell Hike and Raft  I would have either laughed in your face, if I was having a good day, or broke down crying if it was a typically bad one.

Obviously the simple surgery to remove the disc was successful.  I awoke with almost no pain, and an (almost) full recovery.  I say almost, because I’ve never returned to the ski hill.  Truth be told, I’m scared.  Scared to strap on the board.  Scared to fall.  Scared to mess my back up again.  Scared to go back to that place where daily tasks like putting on socks, or getting out of the tub were beyond my capabilities.  I’m not one to live in fear, and I like to say I’m not scared of anything, but I’m also someone that weighs out the risks against the benefits.  It’s just not worth it to me.

I hate thinking about that time.  I was transformed into someone I never imagined I’d be.  All activity was stolen from me.  I was a prisoner to my couch, or my bed.  I was suffering more than I let on.  My relationships suffered too.  You really find out who your true friends are when you’ve lost your ability to move. (That was an interesting inner journey, and perhaps an entirely different blog post). Day after agonizing day I just pushed on.  There was no other choice, I had children to look after, a life to live.  But it was Hell.

Hot damn!!  From living in Hell, to hiking into it!!  

I’ve been blessed with a second chance to move, hike, adventure and explore, and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m going after it all!

So I applied, and am now off to join the Hell Hike and Raft Team – a 6 day backpacking and white water rafting adventure through Hells Canyon in beautiful northern Idaho.HHAR-2015-teaser

I have to smile when I think that less than 4 years ago it was painful to take stairs, get in and out of bed, walk, sit, stand…  And now, here I am feeling amazing and training to hike 40 miles in 4 days through rigorous terrain, then cover roughly 30 miles of moderate white water rapids.  All while setting up camp each night under the stars of the beautiful Idaho back country. {Oh baby YES!!}

Guided by America’s Rafting Company myself, along with 11 other bloggers and social influencers will traverse the trails in the Seven Devils and paddle our way down the Snake River’s rapids.  I’ve never been to Idaho, but this sounds like a worthy adventure to me.

This Campsite Gal is STOKED!  The only thing that could make this trip any better, is if The Gasoline (Alannah) was coming too, but alas, she’s got Canada to cover, and will be road-tripping from west to east and back this summer.  (Be sure to follow THAT adventure too!)

Fire & Gasoline
Fire & Gasoline burning up Tunnel Mountain to help Jen train for Hell Hike and Raft 2015!

Well, there you have it!  Hell Hike & Raft 2015, you had better get ready.  This crazy Canuck is pumped for exploration state side, and I cannot wait to make friends of the 11 others I’ll be spending my week with!

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  1. katieexpatriated

    Hells Canyon is so wonderful. Congratulations!

  2. katieexpatriated

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    Outdoor enthusiast blogs are fantastic in Canada. This lucky Canuck is about to see Hells Canyon for the first time.

    • The Campsite Blog

      I really appreciate the reblog katieexpatriated! I can’t wait for August.

  3. Camp That Site

    Good luck, look forward to your posts.

    • The Campsite Blog

      Thanks! Stay close, I’m sure there’ll be stories to share ’round the fire!

  4. amrafting

    Can’t wait for the trip! Glad to have you join us on the journey.

    • The Campsite Blog

      Thanks so much!! Looking forward to meeting you all!

  5. Juliana Telleria

    Great article! That trip sounds like a dream!

    • The Campsite Blog

      Thank you! Yes, I’m pretty pumped for it! Let’s see what I have to say post trip!

  6. jessica

    Such expeditions always bring joy in life. In open nature, in wild, always a heartfelt memory. Thanks for sharing your trip, enjoyed it reading.