Alannah's 8 Great Reasons to go to "Every Woman"

This seemed like an ideal time to share this post – Mother’s Day weekend – celebrating that special woman or all those female role model in our lives.  At the end of this month Jen and I will be attending our first conference together in Whistler, B.C. – A conference celebrating women – all women – even women unable to attend – every woman. Whoop! We need to make a t-shirt for that. Gosh, Jen and I have so many sayings worthy of a t-shirt these days! {don’t worry guy followers of this blog – we have some guy stuff coming up for you soon}

In any case, this retreat style weekend promises to be nothing short of AMAZING. Every WOMAN™ is an interactive and fun health conference geared to inspire everyday women and to promote the opportunity to try fitness, dance and wellness workshops in a comfortable setting. Well! As someone who passionately created an all girls ski program years ago, where the basis was to allow girls to push themselves in a comfortable, encouraging environment, you know it – I am all over this kind of event like a bear to a campsite! I am  beyond excited for this for several more reasons:

1. FREEDOM! Not going to lie – the chance to duck outta dodge and get a weekend away amidst the busy of life and family is VERY appealing. Oh yes – yes it is! side note – I do {mostly} love my family, so please, no “knickers in a knot” over abandonment – every one needs a recharge!

2. WHISTLER! I have only ever skied Whistler, and really I only tested skis for a magazine once so my turns were on limited terrain and maybe, I might have apres ski partied there too. It wasn’t FUN at ALL!  I have yet to experience Whistler in all it’s summer glory. I am definitely eager to see Whistler this time of year – although I have a feeling we might need to wiggle our way back to explore more another time. Hello Squamish, Tofino and the rest of coastal British Columbia – just oozing with possibilities for us Campsite Gals to explore and write about.

3. INSPIRATION! The very idea of soaking in the the surroundings and the insight of all the amazing workshops has my nerve endings fired up just ready to soak in the information. I am always inspired by nature, by peoples’ journeys and I feel that I could very well be filled up and overwhelmed with inspiration.

4. FRIENDSHIPS! Of course making friends from all over is a top hobby of mine. I am always looking for fun, new co-inspirators and relationships that make my hearts sing and soul soar. { And places to crash when Jen and I announce a BIG PROJECT this fall } I seem to be on this fabulous path with meeting interesting new friends and reconnecting with old friends. This phenomenon must continue!

5. OPPORTUNITY! Every thing has opportunity. That just goes without saying on anything like this. I see this as an opportunity to try new things and an opportunity for self discovery. How many times can I say opportunity in one paragraph!? Regardless, I am letting the flood gates open and my heart is wide open to whatever comes next.

6. TRY TRY TRY! I am so excited to try new things all the time. Can you imagine my excitement when I saw the list of workshops available and the idea of trying something new!? BURLESQUE { ok I have done that, but let’s try again! }

7. SUPPORT! For me and to support others. I have always been that way, especially supporting women to accept themselves as we are, perfectly imperfect.  In a day and age where so many people choose exclusivity over inclusiveness, bullying is everywhere and media can crush your spirit, I cannot wait to lend an ear, or even have someone lend me theirs for a few minutes.

8. MOTIVATE! ACK!!! Finally – announcing we are SPEAKING AT THE CONFERENCE. I never have thought of myself as a “speaker” nor an inspiration or motivator, but here I go! Someone does, someone asked and I am embracing all the numbers on my list above and going for it. As I speak about what is stopping you from being your best authentic self, I too am going in with the mindset of “In with the old and out with the new.” Yes – I know – it is backwards on purpose. Perhaps this will lead me to new opportunities and places to go speak my mind. I am terrified – I am already envisioning my audience naked and practicing some weird breathing technique to help calm how red my cheeks get when in these situations. I am also trying to remember that I am not there to judge or to be judged either.

I will end this with a few shots I have on hand of  some of the many women in my life that I am dang lucky to know! This also made me realize I have another project – to get photos of ALL of you! You know who you are! Project Alannah’s Inspiring Peeps!

Inspire yourself. Inspire others. Take time to…

Play. Dance. Walk. Bike. Climb. Jump. Stretch. Think. Laugh. Breathe.

Jen and I are leading 4 workshops over the weekend: Soul Serving Social Media, In with the Old and Out with the New, Lazy Sunday morning with Lannie Rae, and a Phonography Workshop. You can find the descriptions on the website! For more information on the event please check out the website at 

We are also putting together a swag bag for one lucky winner at one of our workshops or other giveaways if all works out. If any brands would like to contribute to this or do a giveaway at one of our workshops – please let us know

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