Stoke the Fire 1.9 ~ Social Media & Beautiful Mama Earth

Welcome back to Stoke the Fire!

For this “episode” {did you catch that!? Yes – that is correct – we will be adding sparks around a live virtual fire soon enough with video! You saw it here first!} ….we wanted to see how you all felt about this blog post from the Adventure Journal that our friend Kurtis over at Spindrift Photography shared with us.


That blog post is part of a larger discussion we have been having over here at the Campsite Blog with respect to our own social media efforts while keeping up with the expectations of brands we stand behind, wish to gain and all those required numbers, i.e., likes, shares, followers – which for us is a passion mixed with business. Sadly – while we believe in quality over quantity, numbers matter for the business side of this.

We really want to to take the Campsite to a very authentic, very down to earth, very inclusive place and fill our threads with those passions, shared journeys and the ups and downs along with humour – we are BIG on humour. When we are in such a position to guide, share and potentially influence participation in Mother Nature, we want our efforts to have moral weight and to, of course, be in alignment with our environment – whether it is in respect to people and culture, wildlife and conservation, travel ethics and so forth.

While we feel we are real and authentic, {we hope that resonates}  we also know that a lot of people go to extremes to compete in what we’d now say is an extremely competitive outdoor blogging world. Mind blowing actually. And as Kurtis put it – it is kinda the unfortunate “in” thing.

Where / when is a line drawn on sharing, caring, promoting Mother Earth and all her wonders along with authentic journeys in the outdoors, versus getting the perfect shot or the “look at me – how awesome am I syndrome.” When and how do you cease to share on a larger scale all the world has to offer when it comes to life long dreams and achievements for people? And, especially when you can possibly influence others to get out and attempt to do the same. Look at Everest as an example. Over inspiration on visiting Everest is having an impact on people and environment that is less than desirable, yet these mountainous journeys attempt to fill the soul with accomplishment and pride.

We want to know – what is your stance after reading that blog post above? Please be honest, be heartfelt and share your thoughts.

Please use the COMMENTS feature below. Refer to the Discussion Guidelines under the Three D’s in the footer of this page. Any defaming and plain old mean, uninspiring posts will get burned and we are really hard to offend!

The “fire poker stick thing” is yours starting…….now!


ROUND UP from Stoke the Fire 1.8

Some fire crackling occurred! We loved the feedback and stories shared! Thanks for joining in!

  • William Wolski shared his story on how he made the executive decision to just grab the bull by the horns and get that pop up tent trailer and surprise his wife with a Nature Time Out!

Hi everyone !
Me and my wife camped years ago when our kids were little and really enjoyed it. It’s been a good 15 or 20 years since then. Two years ago I told my wife that it’s been to long since we had any time with just us two. She runs a daycare from home and even Saturdays. I work also so by the time the weekend hits we are DONE ! So I mentioned camping and she was like I don’t know, we’re a little old to be sleeping on the ground, damp when it rains etc… A few months passed so I told her hay lets get a pop-up ? No real reaction other then I don’t think we can afford it, how much will we actually go ? Long story short I when out purchased a pop-up. Took off on Friday and went to one of our State Parks and set everything up. Even put some of those goofy lights on the awning. She like them.The wife worked unit 7:00 pm. so I came back and pick her up. It was only a 45 min. ride. As we drove to our site her eye glazed over as she saw the camper all lit up. I had 2 chairs by the fire pit and started up the fire. It was so nice and quite the fire was crackling. There we sat smiling at each other. Since then we can’t wait until spring and go every chance we get. She loves it and so do I!

  • George Evans shared a first time camping video! Go check it out! Had me grinning ear to ear and singing along! Look forward to part 2!

Hi there!
I just went camping for the first time yesterday!! Absolutely loved it! (although I was very chilly!!) What would you suggest is the best way to make the night a bit warmer inside the tent??
Also I made a short film of the trip up and the night- Its my first video and I’d love it if you could give it a watch!
Love the content and the layout of the website!!
Here’s a link to the video:

Just found out about ‘Stoke The Fire’ and love the idea! I will be bookmarking this blog! I am in the process of writing a blog post about favorite camp shoes. I just started recently started wearing camp shoes and they are now a valuable part of my gear. Check out my site if you get a chance, it’s still in it’s infancy but it’s getting there!

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  1. robrockies

    I was a little nervous about posting photos from Ya-Ha-Tinda Ranch, as it took us ages to get there and the roads weren’t the best. We got lost coming back and ended up driving through Sundre. It was such an amazing place to visit as there were so few people – I hope people might just look at the photos more than going to visit there!

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      I know! It really makes you think doesn’t it! I love ya-ha-tinda and have been wanting to visit and explore that area soon & yes – you did re-inspire me to consider that!
      However – I felt that was a positive. I think places like that sing to certain souls and those souls tend to be aware of their footprints.

      Social media is a game changer. Look at travel Alberta as an example – tourism is pushed hard through sharing on social media. And they do a great job with their plan. I have loved their campaigns. And it’s ultimately about money – to encourage people to visit and spend $$$ here right? As part of that plan we can be connected and be aware of our own journeys and what we share. You and I living here know what’s real and what’s staged for ultimate photos.

      So much to say on this – not just the Instagram article either – this runs deeper – it really spoke to me about keeping it real!

      And I love your blog btw!! So please keep sharing as its beauty in the eye of the beholder you share and a piece of your journey and soul!

      • robrockies

        Thank you so much! It’s been really interesting running it, it’s so nice to get positive feedback. The Travel Alberta ‘Remember to breathe’ campaigns seem really great – their Instahikes seem like a really clever idea too.

  2. Robert St.George

    Leaving the City Behind!

    That was about 16 months ago. I’m not sure what exactly happened at that point in our lives, but my wife and I, one night after the kids had gone to bed, decided we were going to reconnect with nature in a BIG WAY. On that single night, we made a plan and set it in motion. The plan we hatched was to leave the city and province (Manitoba) and move our family of five to Chilliwack, British Columbia. Although the decision was sudden, our plan was meticulous and well thought out – we made an 18 month plan so we could get as many of our ducks in a row as possible, let the kids get used to the idea, visit where we planned to live and transitions jobs/business to our new location.

    Our family visit to Chilliwack was a pivotal moment in all of our lives – walking among the massive trees and towering mountain peaks, we were all smiles and giddy laughing! Seeing something on TV or in a magazine can be inspiring, it can even be the catalyst to get you moving but nothing, and I mean NOTHING beats smelling it, feeling it and planting your whole self in it! We were sold. Making the move can be scary, leaving the city seems crazy to some but we don’t plan on looking back!

    We don’t know how this will all turn out but we now have our house for sale, my wife has interviewed for a new job and I am preparing my business for the move. I truly believe we are all creatures of nature and as such, nature is where we are going to be – to hell with all the minor details! Come July, we are hitting the road.

    A life of adventure is a life worth living!

    Robert St.George

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Seriously sounds like a great plan! I could learn from your patience! We want to move to my husband’s family farm in southern Alberta – um – yesterday! I have vision of lavender fields and a greenhouse, solar panels and animal hugs! It is the work / business thing I need to wrap my head around first! Or maybe this blog seriously takes off!
      Thanks for sharing!! Maybe I will get out your way sometime for one of this tall tree hikes! Good luck with your move in July! I will be rooting for you and a smooth transition!

      • Robert St.George

        Got off track there, when we do move to our new home we plan to take pics, videos and post them on social media for sure! I have no problem sharing the experience with friends and like-minded people. I love seeing other people’s adventures and want to share the wealth also!

  3. Campbell Troup

    I wrote a similar post about this subject last week. There is a delicate line when posting about your adventures but, positives can come from it.

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Oh! Please add a link to your post for all to see! Sounds like A great addition to this discussion!

  4. Thank you for the article regarding SM and Momma Nature. As someone relatively new to the social media world (just over a year), I’ve been a little disappointed with some of the pictures posted on Twitter and Instagram. Some of these posts are obviously staged, with no thought as to what they may inspire. With campsites located too close to sensitive areas, fire rings quickly thrown together with no debris cleared and activities located in riparian areas, these posts may pass on the thumbs up to others that these practices are OK and accepted. The reality is that it most cases they are frowned upon and in fact may be illegal.
    The question you raise here, was part of #hikerchat last week, hosted by Teton Sports. I loved reading through the comments, the best included a #FakeTentie
    The paddling community have successfully encouraged people to be wearing life jackets and other safety gear (positive imagery) when posting pictures, hopefully this trend will expand to others in the outdoor community.