Stoke the Fire 1.8

Let’s go! Us newbie owners here at the Campsite Blog feel it is time for us to Stoke the Fire! This is our first one alone, out here in the dark, under the glorious stars so we will start fresh. And some of you will maybe {ahem} notice we have been working on the website. For those unfamiliar with the Stoke the Fire Segment, we will do a round up of the discussion that occurs and post it next week and start a new Stoke. We hope to maintain a regular schedule of Stoke discussions.

Alright! Let’s see what ya got for us……this is your chance to Stoke the Fire. Share with us any topics you are writing about on your blog, anything you’ve been thinking about lately, the best post you saw on the internet this week, a great recipe, your latest travels and adventures, the most dramatic photo that passed by your eyes lately, or a shot you took that turned out unexpectedly well, funny stories.  Even a fun new you-tube video or great song……

If you have something worth sharing around the campfire, you bet it’s worth sharing here. Don’t be shy – this is a great way for us new gals to get to know you too. And we are very open to suggestions and new ideas – so don’t hold back. We ask you stay somewhat relevant to the Campsite, however we really enjoy the funny side of life and humour is good for the soul – go ahead, get a bit dirty – it is camping after all.

Brag, share, link, and promote. This is your day to do it. Use the COMMENTS feature below. Please refer to the Discussion Guidelines under the Three D’s in the footer of this page. Any defaming and plain old mean, uninspiring posts will get burned and we are hard to offend!

We are waiting with a can of gasoline to really boost this fire! The “fire poker stick thing” is yours starting…….now!

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  1. zpiper1

    How do you post a photo? Got an awesome one but do mostly from my android. Not desktop.

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      oooh! Is there a link you can provide to the photo? Let us look into that for you! Let you know what we find out about that!

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      ok! We are using platform so it has to be a link to a photo! If you have a photo without a link please email it to me at and I will happily post it for you with your info, etc! Now we really want to see it!!

  2. The Campsite

    Oooooh excited for the photo zpiper1 ! We were wondering what would be posted first, a photo, a story, recipe or video. Looking forward to more stokin’ let’s see what you all got!

  3. Amy Hatch/ Garage Grown Gear

    I’m super jazzed to share that is celebrating its 1 year birthday this week with 9 Days of Giveaways.

    We connect people to independent, undiscovered outdoor brands through our online magazine and store.

    The last 365 days have been filled with lots of peaks and valleys, but it feels so good to be standing at this point on the trail.

    Please enter the giveaways yourself and anything you can do to help spread the word would be hugely appreciated.

    Here’s a link to the overview post about the giveaways:

    Here’s a link to today’s giveaway from Skida:

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Very nice stuff! Thanks for sharing!! Peaks and valleys are part of it all! Happy BIRTHDAY!

  4. Just found out about ‘Stoke The Fire’ and love the idea! I will be bookmarking this blog! I am in the process of writing a blog post about favorite camp shoes. I just started recently started wearing camp shoes and they are now a valuable part of my gear. Check out my site if you get a chance, it’s still in it’s infancy but it’s getting there!

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Thanks! We hope to bring it to life along our journey! We will check out your site!

  5. George Evans

    Hi there!
    I just went camping for the first time yesterday!! Absolutely loved it! (although I was very chilly!!) What would you suggest is the best way to make the night a bit warmer inside the tent??
    Also I made a short film of the trip up and the night- Its my first video and I’d love it if you could give it a watch!
    Love the content and the layout of the website!!
    Here’s a link to the video:


    • alannahgamblinjensen

      That is so awesome!!

      While I have numerous suggestions for keeping yourselves warm in a tent without clothing, here are a few tips otherwise 😉

      I usually dress in layers for bed and I have a non itchy toque I wear to keep my ears warm! If I am in a single bag I tend to wear my long underwear and a fleece later over top and wool socks.

      I also have a double sleeping bag I sometimes share with a very warm man too! The sleeping bag is heavy and thick and one we reserve when setting up our trappers tent. That tent also has a wood stove!

      I have been know to pack foot and hand warmers and I have heated up water over the campfire and filled a hot water bottle to cuddle!

      Please post part 2 when you have it! I found myself with a permagrin watching the video! Loved the song!

  6. William Wolski

    Hi everyone !
    Me and my wife camped years ago when our kids were little and really enjoyed it. It’s been a good 15 or 20 years since then. Two years ago I told my wife that it’s been to long since we had any time with just us two. She runs a daycare from home and even Saturdays. I work also so by the time the weekend hits we are DONE ! So I mentioned camping and she was like I don’t know, we’re a little old to be sleeping on the ground, damp when it rains etc… A few months passed so I told her hay lets get a pop-up ? No real reaction other then I don’t think we can afford it, how much will we actually go ? Long story short I when out purchased a pop-up. Took off on Friday and went to one of our State Parks and set everything up. Even put some of those goofy lights on the awning. She like them.The wife worked unit 7:00 pm. so I came back and pick her up. It was only a 45 min. ride. As we drove to our site her eye glazed over as she saw the camper all lit up. I had 2 chairs by the fire pit and started up the fire. It was so nice and quite the fire was crackling. There we sat smiling at each other. Since then we can’t wait until spring and go every chance we get. She loves it and so do I !

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      I love how you just grabbed the bull by the horns and just went and got that pop up! Clearly your motivation for it was passionate enough to risk the expense!

      I think you will find that sometimes money isn’t what matters and even if you use it a handful of times – it sounds like you got your money’s worth on the first go! You both sound very lucky to have each other!

      Thanks for sharing!!