Meet Jen and Alannah, New Owners of The Campsite

As we prepare to transition ownership here at The Campsite, I have asked the new owners to give you a little intro! I’m excited to introduce you to Alannah and Jen! I’ll be posting my official farewell in a few days. ~ Meghan


It really is a happy start for us this early in 2015 as we prepare to embark on a new journey – this adventure called The Campsite. Are we excited? You bet! Are we nervous? Absolutely! That being said WE ARE READY to kumbaya!

When Meghan asked us to write an introductory piece about ourselves, we must admit we found writing about ourselves to be a challenge. It is one thing to meet people in person and say “hello”, chat a bit, learn a thing or two and create what you would hope to be a lasting impression, but as this intro is a bit one-sided we hope to endear you through words and photos. Consider this piece the equivalent of our hands extended to you ready for a solid handshake, a friendly smile and a happy hello.

Jen Whalen (left) and Alannah (right), new owners of
Jen Whalen (left) and Alannah (right), new owners of

We are Jen Whalen and Alannah Jensen.

We vow to slide into the grave worn out, beat up and grinning ear-to-ear. We both have this motto and this is why we are great friends.

Introducing Jen:

Jen Whalen Hey, hey! I’m Whalen, or Jen, or Mum, depending on who’s calling for me.

I’m an outdoor enthusiast and happiest when I’m kickin’ it with Ma Nature. I absolutely love being outside. I’m passionate about travel, sleeping under the stars, exploring new places, and making friends from strangers. I dig a spontaneous road trip. I (secretly) still pick up hitch hikers. I make a mean Pad Thai, and swoon over spicy noodles.

I am the owner/operator at Mountain Bound Photography, which is the love-child of my passion for the great outdoors and being on the other side of the lens.

I call beautiful Banff, Alberta, my home, and share this piece of the planet with my love and our two amazing, nature-loving boys.

I believe we are given the gift of life to explore and discover, and I’ll be damned to not get out there and own it!

Spending time in the great outdoors brings me peace, restores my energy, heightens my senses and opens my creative mind. My yearning for exploration is hard-core, and maybe even a bit of an addiction. I’m a horn-dog for adventure, and chase it at every opportunity!

And now introducing Alannah:

Alannah JensenI am a product of Labrador. I love to be barefoot and if I am not outdoors, I am in my kitchen. I play hard, dream harder and apparently I make a kick-ass shortbread cookie. I have two beautiful kidlets and the two sweetest Newfie / Black Lab cross dogs you will ever meet. My wonderful husband is massaging my shoulders as I type this!

I am a lover of food, warmth, hugs and great conversation. I am creative, easily sparked and hope I ignite you as well. I love the great outdoors and could wander for hours, deep in thought, marvelling at the curves and sparkle of Mother Nature. She really is beautiful, adventurous and full of exploration.

I LOVE to alpine ski. I like fast sports and adrenaline as much as I like long hikes and a good book. I tend to roast a lot of marshmallows and I could easily live in a tiny cabin by a lake so long as there is a mountain in my backyard. I will laugh with you if you fall, but you MUST know I will also be there pulling you back up. I skinny dip, do snow angels and, if soaking up the sun could be a full time job, sign me up! Does this make me “wild?” I sure hope so, although I prefer to say I am in touch with my inner and authentic, true self.

I have a “side gig” I call Lannie Rae Gourmet. I have a new gig in the works that could take me to exotic places.

I like this life, I really love to love, and laugh – it’s life’s best medicine.

Together, we are more than incredibly “stoked” to be a part of The Campsite.

We look forward to sharing more of the same, with some added spark and flame! We have big adventures planned for 2015, and we hope you come along for the ride and, in turn, share a bit about yourselves too!

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  1. Jillian

    This is fantastic Jen! So happy you are starting this new adventure. I know it’s going to be a wild ride for everyone involved. Can’t wait to see more. Lots of love from Italy, Jill

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Thanks Jillian {from both Jen and I} I hear you have a few stories you might be able to share with us as well!?

  2. Darren VanMackelbergh

    Congratulations Ladies!! This is sure to be a new and exciting chapter in your lives and I cannot wait to hear/read/see more. Best wishes for a successful and rewarding new road!! Darren – Banff, Canada

    • alannahgamblinjensen

      Thanks Darren! A bit tardy on the replies here, but finally wrangling it all! Appreciate the support!

  3. The Campsite

    What great news, good luck to you both. I look forward to reading your posts and seeing your adventures unfold. All the best, Steve – Redruth, Cornwall, United Kingdom